Monday, May 31, 2010

Show Me the Money!

Well just when I got quite convinced about the quality and affordability of education today in India after reading one of the news headlines broadcasting selection in IIT-JEE entrance of all 30 students in a coaching institute in Patna (Bihar)
I was completely taken aback by the fees structure of the institutes back home in Jaipur/Kota. These places are supposedly considered as Grounding Havens for IIT-JEE and other engineering Entrance Exams, students from all over India Flock every year at these Havens with the dream of making it to IITs/NITs?
Every Year these private institutes seem to get bigger and bigger with their flashy advertisements, promoting their selected students and over-hyped faculty members. They seem to excel in the art of alluring ignorant parents and over enthusiastic aspiring students with their myriad courses claiming to be better than the other only if you can afford to pay more. The only rebate which you can get from such soaring course charges is when you are one of those school/board toppers who have scored more then 94-96% in BOARDS.
So, the students who happen to realize a bit late and dint score well in Boards are doomed to pay more for their late realizations.
I wonder how in today’s regulated world where media plays such a crucial and active role of a vigilant Watchdog these institutes have the audacity to charge such exorbitant prices for their courses. They have crossed every limit to torture the already bleeding working class with such hefty demands. Parents left with no choice end up borrowing and taking loans to make their child’s dream of getting into good institutes a reality and also to save their child from going through the embarrassment of being called “POOR” and being “Mocked AT “by his friends. Such is the power of MONEY (even if charged irrationally)

These institutes have managed to commercialize the teaching profession so much that in days to come I wont be surprised to see one of these entities getting onto Most Profitable Businesses List.

Bansal Classes 2 Year Course During Class XI Rs. 66500/- + Service Tax(as applicable)
1 Year Course
Rs. 67000/- + Service Tax(as applicable) + Rs.1000/- as Caution Money (Refundable on submission of photocopy of IITJEE-2011 application form.)
3 month Course Rs. 47,326/-[ Basic Fees Rs. 42000/- + Service Tax @ 10.30% + Rs. 1000/- Caution Money (Refundable) ]

FIIT-JEE 2 Year Course
The total amount payable after Service Tax is
Rs. 244806.0

1 year Course
Rs.81005.0 (including Service Tax)

These are some of the course fees details I collected to sneak a quick look into the problem. Not just these two SUCCESSFUL institutes but lot others are charging more or less the same amount from each student who after paying this amount will be made to share the study space with 45-50 other fellow aspirants studying in the same batch as his, getting groomed by so called the BEST FACULTY, teaching round the clock, taking around four-five such batches in a day.

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