Monday, September 8, 2008



A very positive word indeed..

Wanted to write one of those hyperbolical blogs, full of wisdom and poetic verses. After all it feels nice to show the world how language savvy and learned u r..

APPROVAL isn’t this we look for every now and then.

Be it the way you say or do things every thing has the same reason behind it ,the more you have the merrier life becomes.

May be because, that is what we have been taught right from the day one of the kindergarten. One should be socially acceptable. One should seek appreciation n obviously one should slog hard for the same.

Obviously, ders nothing wrong with that but isn’t it kind of abstruse why others have so much of say in our lives. How can they decide what is right or what is wrong, How can they guide our deeds. Why self-approval is so implicit and missing from our lives.

Who defines these standards to approve or disapprove anything? Isn’t self-approval enough to endorse whatever we do.

Is success defined in terms of token of acknowledgement we have collected..

Don’t know, think ders very little of self in all of us and the more u become successful the greedier u become for the APPROVAL!

(Anyway feel free to drop in ur comments. No offence intended!J)