Monday, October 25, 2010


Not relie a bag fan of them but somehow find this tribe the most difficult to woo.
They are outspoken they want their things to be done the way they want and comprehend in their little mind. If not done that way they will cry/make noise/fight and make their challenger surrender.
I sometime wonder are they stronger than us (obviously I am talking of mental strength).
We grow up and gain physical strength but do we grow mentally also with the same rate. Why and when is this development hindered/affected .Does too much of reasoning/analysis and facts impedes this growth.
Obviously in their case the cost of failure is minimal but are we also that Rich yet to worry so much about the cost.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Cynicism is Good..!

You decide your own virtues; you detach yourself from all predefined/set ideas of luxuries, you remove the clutter from your life and lead a life in sync with nature.
You define your possessions and not the other way round.
I wonder Y cynicism is taken a negative trait then. Is living by your own choice and defining your own rules not a good thing.
Y is appeasing the so called “SOCIETY” is so important. The best quality of a cynic is Shamelessness.
If you can’t be one try getting in touch with one.
They can be your magic MIRROR sometimes.