Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And the wall came down!

And the wall came down!
What defines success?
The ultimate destination or the path taken..
It’s placement season in our campus and fortunately most of us got a job( not the dream jobs as dey call it, prolly got this name coz huge possessions define dreams here).
Fair enough, some people got handsome packages and some still thriving to get one (m amongst dem!)
Sat for like six odd companies already and still waiting for my lucky day to come..
Does that mean I lack the substance, or does it mean those who got thru just got lucky, coz no matter how much I try I don’t see most of dem (fortunately not all of dem) better den me..(Mite sound a bit candid!)
But whose going to believe dis. After all dey got the jobs not me. They have reached the destination earlier, whatever may be the path taken!
It seems the wall which I thought will keep me at bay with these covertly talented people is just crumbling down. I don’t know what is making me feel more sick the crumbling of wall (obviously the construction material for the wall is me:me:me(2:4:8)..cant help it studying hard for the placements..!)..or the BIG REJECTIONS!
Whatever it may be, I think I still have a long way to cover, the path is going to get lonelier but as it is rightly said…if its not killing you it’s making you stronger. I hope I become stronger with every setback I face coz I don want the wall to crumble down..!