Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Y do you always seek companionship!

Y does heart always seeks companionship? What sort of high do we get to be with someone especially when in the back of our mind we know this courtship might just be an illusion and can end up at any point in time? Is der something else besides all those chemical/biological reactions taking place inside us which governs our believes/actions.
Nothing lasts forever, everything is subjected t0 change, the notion that this change will bring something good seem to shatter so many times but still we keep lingering to it.
Is it what we call optimism or is it just a way to run away from reality? Is it why people have come up with the idea of “Living in the moment”, what exactly matters in the end, what is that never changes. Is the art of adapting to these changes called being realistic/practical. I wonder why pessimism has so many negative connotation attached to it inspite of having a sound logical reason attached to it.
Y after putting up an act of being practical so efficiently the core doesn’t budge and still seem to remain the same. Why does the core remain the same inspite of braving so many changes? Sometime I wonder do we actually “CHANGE” or is it just the plot which changes and makes us play different roles. Who actually have the power to change this plots/scenarios.Whos playing the role of director here/who’s plotting us and what does he gets out of it?
I’ve seen people assuming GOD as the supreme power and I wonder what is GOD!
And y does he always wants us to plead before him or be thankful to him.Y can’t he be someone like you and me who could be cursed and who could go wrong. Who has the power to penalise in case he goes wrong.Y is he called the supreme power!
It is us who go through all the changes he put us into and yet he takes away the credit of being GOOD/BAD to take us through happy/sad times. Y den when things are so out of our power and we do not have any say in the happening/not happening of events we expect things/companionship to stay the way it is. Are we mere actors being paid/taxed for our good/bad performances.


Tempta said...

Good / Bad - The war remains unanswered and ever-fleeting , resting on the individual beliefs humans cast on each other as they companionize each other : )
What matters the most , though , is , how much love you have given and giving how much of it mattered to you.
merely my take !

ithinkthereforeiam said...

there are two approaches to understand "him/her"

1.. picturise something, name him/her as god and then attach/define powers/properties to him/her based on some (first hand/second hand) observations.

2.. wait for the observations to be first hand, then interpret/interpolate/extrapolate and then name him/her as god.

these are the basic ways of understanding a word from any dictionary in the world.

kirti agarwal said...

Every ounce of love that we pour matters to us!but saying that we tend to share it selflessly will be a lie,
We give with the hope to receive every bit of it!though not accepted explicitly

ithinkthereforeiam said...

the earlier one was explicitly aimed at "the director of the scene" and meant that it will really be fascinating to realise what/who the director is.

however, as for expecting the returns, it is not required to expect. it will definitely return, but in what form, remains restricted to the privileged see-er's.

more explicitly, for instance, ABC gives and expects a return. think of this thought (where ABC expects) as a tool for his/her brain to remember the event of having given, so that when it returns, he/she is aware of the same and can decide whether to act further on the same lines or not.

and yeah, love( or for that matter any emotion ) can never be quantified, it is there or it is not.
only how many times you expressed it can be counted. and expression of emotion i believe does not necessarily need to be reciprocated!!