Wednesday, June 23, 2010


How bad do you what things in life? Or to put it right do you know what you want in life and to what extent are you ready to pay for it.
This defines the passion for the thing. You are just ready to pay anything for it.
By paying of course I don’t mean something which you can afford but it simply means things which will take away a part of YOU and will be difficult to part with. Does passion means madness, is madness good? However irrational and illogical it is.
So many people I see, observe and follow have achieved things they are proud of, things they always wanted to do, things they have toiled for. And every time I saw them it always looked and felt good. To see them there, right at the helm of success. What remained hidden all this while was the price they must have paid for it. The ethereal/intangible things in life they have compromised or parted with.
Are you Passionate enough is the question here. Can you take that leap of faith and pay whatever it takes. Can it be build/worked on or is it something you either have or U don’t.

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