Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Art of communication!

What we gain and what we lose is the result of how well we communicate!
Lot has been spoken about Luck and Hard Work but I think the biggest culprit that decides ones fate/destiny is how well can one communicate!
I call it culprit here for the obvious reasons of me finding it difficult to exploit. Communication is an art which sometime demands exposing thy soul leaving it lie vulnerable in front of the receiver.
Communication which challenges you is the one that can either make your life right away or delay the process.To identify the right person, right time and right pitch is the most arduous task I’ve experienced till date. It manages to challenge your puffed up (bloated) confidence, it checks your mettle and sometime makes you feel powerless.
You don’t face these situations in your everyday life but when you do there’s no time to prepare, you just have to deliver coz the moment you think of pondering over it you just try to procrastinate the situation. It’s the time when you confront all your assumptions and thus the pseudo world of moderate environment you once created for your own comfort has the high probability of exploding.
Can you take that leap of faith in yourself is all that matters!Go live your assumptions for Real....


Ram said...

ofcourse gud communication is must but destiny decides wat u get wat u lose..

kirti agarwal said...

Mite sound a bit cliched but Ram I still think we make our own DESTINY