Thursday, May 13, 2010

How much is too much..!

In this world of dynamic equations its difficult to know how much is too much!
Be it the job you are giving your time to, or the time you are spending introspecting about the whole gamut of future prospects u have in hand, u just cannot figure out where to put “THE” full stop. Every time you think you are done thinking there’s a different angle to the same problem you think is worth giving thought to and thus the process is never ending, there’s nothing which is segregated from the rest. Everything is just linked..!(I hope you are getting what m trying to say here: P, coz m not now..!)
Ok! Let me try simplify it with an example...
Since, I am stuck with social media these days. Let’s take an example from that.
When I see companies trying to use customer service platform to reach out to their customers (probable/existing), I see them over exploiting the same. There’s a thin line between making your customers aware of your services and overeducating them with it.
I believe companies should do their best to have a clear understanding of customer’s stated and actual needs and thus try to strike a right balance between reaching out to them too much or too little.
They seem to get just lost out on this understanding; they don’t know WHERE TO STOP!
Storming your customers with too many services/offerings every now and then can act as a real slip-up in terms of good customer experience.
Customer experience doesn’t end with customer stepping out of your shop/website after making payment but it sure stays there till the time the customer has the capacity to talk about your product/services.
So even when companies plan to make use of the customer details which they have/bought from vendors for their products they should get this thing very straight and clear that as soon as they make the first call to the client the “USER Experience “starts and the relationship is set between them(even if it doesnt get converted) and like in every relationship showering too much love (services) gives a very unrealistic/fishy feel to it, so do these calls.
Be selfish and give your customers a chance as well to show some affection.

So, next time when I get a call from HDFC! Congratulating me on getting personal loan sanctioned (which I never even applied for) or from Idea offering me the best talk plan on a SIM purchase( here also never showed any intention anywhere to buy one)I would know they don’t really love me they are just pretending to 

Did I manage to explain the real point I wanted to..?


Ashish Tickoo said...

Oh come on!!Those calls sometime can be damn entertaining..there was this Tata Indicom chick offering me a 'jodi offer'(Mobile+landline)..I told her that I wanted the mobile at my girlfriend's place,she said it was possible,so I told her,since I was single,would she like to be my girlfriend?!She replied,"Sir aap bahut naughty ho"..most entertaining call ever..but u r right,they just overdo even if you might be interested in something,you wouldn't take it from the same provider..I guess they should focus more on the customer service network than the marketing network.I think Vodafone is a good example in that respect.

kirti agarwal said...

Yea vodafone is a good example fer sure..they will call u hundred times in a day reminding you of ur outstanding bill..makingyou feel guilty/annoyed that you tend to finally pay them and save your life frm tht torture

Ashish Tickoo said...

well..i have a pre-paid one..but since they are 'happy to help',you can ask them to help you by payin ur bill.

P.S-Somebody needs an anger-management course!