Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Domain Name didn’t sell!

How many of us faced the problem of selling/buying things which we have no other way to sell but to filter out options from the pool of people we know and then personally know/meet the person to pitch our deal.
The whole process of finding right customer and the right seller is so troublesome and opaque that sometime you end getting into wrong transactions.
Lot of options many a times takes away the ability to think clearly, when your mind is cluttered with too many options you tend to splurge into everything and hence end up getting lost in the crowd.
I think so is happening with twitter/face book selling buying messages where people tend to get lost with their deals and end up collecting redundant comments spamming mailboxes with useless notifications.

Hell managing basic finances was not less tiresome for tyros like us, fresh out of college without any real time exposure of managing finances that this problem of finding house, furniture, gas and what not took away so much time and much needed respite from our lives needed after a long day at work. (Had I not been bunking classes in college and attending all my lectures sincerely I wouldn’t have had such hard time going for work everyday!)
Neways the whole point of putting it here loud out is:-
Are we missing classifieds??!
N yea regarding the title, I tried selling on face book one of the domain names I purchased but got no takers, just people with lot of questions and opinions on my activities!!!

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