Thursday, May 20, 2010

“Over popularity: Devalue the currency”

Not just literally but in our day to day life as well, things which are easily available and are popular holds no/less value and unless and until you toil/fight for it the sense of achievement lacks in the possession and hence you tend to derail its importance.
Is this an irrational default setting in our mind or is it justified!
Why do we always appreciate things more which are difficult to achieve and not the things which are easily available and are equally important/or may be more sometime.
How often do we appreciate the taste of water just the way we do for a bottle of wine/whisky!
I might sound a bit weird here but Y does everything has some cost attached to it!Y isn’t things valued by its utility and importance alone.
Y do we get such high when we buy an expensive item and y does our confidence swells up with the mere association of exclusivity. This exclusivity is like a feather which differentiates us from the rest and thereby gives us visibility in the crowd.
Getting the best girl/smoking the best cigarette/getting a reputed job (mind it! No job is reputed unless they are paying you enough to compensate the everyday screwing you will go thru/so there’s a cost attached to you) writing the best blog /eating at the best place almost everything has a cost attached and hence you go shopping to feel good about the possession.
It’s plain and simple! The higher you reach in this possession ladder the more expensive you will become.
All other theories devised to explain the procurement are just sugar coated description of this simple fact. This process of valuation of things/relations and almost everything is something which I believe is their in our mind( it’s a default setting) , we do it without even knowing, it comes naturally until one day u wake up write a blog on it. This subconscious setting has been exploited by many marketers with their practice of “Subliminal Stimuli”; it’s a dimension and not dichotomy. They cannot exploit it openly coz otherwise it will throw away the whole mechanism of advertising which is to simulate believes unconsciously and thus not render the effect open to introspection.

I hope there’s some cost attached to this blog as well, and I manage to monetize it :)


Udit said...

can def. relate to the latter part of your blog, ppl shopping for exclusivity....thats what these loyalty cards for airlines, 5 star hotels, golf club memberships bank on....but as far as cost is concerned I believe its just a function of supply and demand and not importance. The day when drinking water would become scarce, I guess it would taste a lot sweeter than wine currently does!!!

kirti agarwal said...

U bet!the cost I am talking about here is not just the literal cost we see on the cover,the most common/popular things we use is the most inelaastic thing in terms of demand and supply.
Yet importance attached to it wont be exclusive and wont attach a sense of achievment to it, so I believe ders more den supply demand factor ,marketers purposely supply less to avoid making things common even though there's huge demand for the same(obvioulsy only if they can afford it)

ithinkthereforeiam said...

nice insight...

just got this question while going through this post:
why is it that the critical evaluation seems to be the best, or may be the most common approach to communicate on your, (most of the thinkers') blog?
and, is it an achievement at all?

kirti agarwal said...

if u manage to beat the proposed thought it sure is!