Thursday, May 6, 2010

Social MediaII

Recently I lost my phone, was trying to check out some mobile phone communities on net which could help me with my quest to buy my next phone (yup unlike my earlier post)where I completely admonished the idea of consulting/checking hundreds of comments all the time which can help u in taking your decisions/and not commit mistakes.(which I think is important.neways!)

Out of all the ten communities I checked no one talked about the model I have in mind.

People were going gaga over pixels, 3G, 2G, sleekness, looks, color, sound, battery and what not. I felt like living in some tech world of geek God and Goddesses where everybody else knew about what they are talking about but me.

C’mon! from when a phone became such a major subject of discussion that people (mostly youngsters) are leaving no stone unturned to discuss its anatomy, from the body to the chip it uses.

Neways I noticed some fancy ads also alongside these “SERIOUSLY ECCENTRIC” communities, big banners promoting their latest geeky models with never heard and tempting marketing strategies in place to allure us with their latest product models having hundreds of features integrated thereby promising to make our lives more simpler, easy and hassle free( R U kidding me!!) After this I wonder what SIMPLE is...

So neways as my quest was still on by this time my mind got cluttered and clogged with too much of information (both good and bad!) that I decided to give up and directly call company’s customer service number to know about the model I wanted.

As soon as I called the customer care I heard a females voice, cheerful and gay extremely happy and grateful to get me on line (I don now Y, I din even place an order yet) as soon as I opened my mouth to speak something she in her “always happy” voice started tossing various offers/schemes her company has for me to MAKE MY LIFE SIMPLER that I was completely taken aback by the complexity of the whole process and decided to get through this ordeal and finally when we I got my chance to speak I enquired if they still have NOKIA 1100…..

The lady smirked and said

“MAm we no more manufacture those SIMPLE and unglamorous phone"

The only thing I did after the whole incident was to check number of communities on

Manmohan Singh” and I found this in the only community

Yea dude! He’s a great man


saras said...

so what do you think? is this ageing or the neglect?

kirti agarwal said...

nice one saras!
I think its accelerated evolution of mankind and the accelerator here is social media!Biology has nothing to do in this