Monday, May 10, 2010

Survival of the fittest!!

It seem, With plethora of portals coming up with the concept of user generated content the marketing executives are having hard time convincing people with their conventional practice of extra glam marketing pitch and strategies to buy their products.
Now the war to speculate/bet for the best adword, keyphrases are keeping them on their toes.Google no doubt should be complemented for their astute insight in the changing scenario of world economics. Does that mean in some time from now organisations will have a lateral hierarchy and not vertical where there will be one boss that is the END USER, and unless and until they make us happy there’s no way their beating around the bush can sustain their alluring lifestyles.
These portals have altogether changed the dynamics of marketing everywhere. Either you deliver what you promise or you’ll surely perish under your own weight. Statistics shows that product reviews scores highly over polished and well thought about strategic throws.
This has no doubt marginalised the room for opaque transactions and brought in transparency in the whole market. Does that mean we are taking well informed and wiser decisions now or does that mean they are playing with our NO RISK APETITE!
Watever it mite be! This is for sure making our shopping space a safer place to indulge in with the best experience offered.


Ankit Agarwal said...

Indeed, though i would rather call it Survival of the most engaging!

With brands spending crazy to get their grounding at social media, they dont realize that 1 Mn fans do not necessary result in increased revenues. 100 loyal and engaged fans are far better.
Specially for the B2C segment, WOM is what an effective social campaign should deliver for them.

saras said...

Marketing people always had tough time!!World has seen enough number of recessions which are cyclic in nature.

If survival of the fittest fits so surreal in present marketing scenario what about other two theories natural selection and evolution! ahhh then you wil have to incorporate mendelian well ..My god so much biology!!

Lincoln said...

truly said, tough world out there

Ashish Tickoo said...
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kirti agarwal said...

author is me I didnot remove tickoo's comment!
well thank u all fer visiting my blog..surely social engagement is the key to get money ankit/if ders a theory on accelerated evolutionn i'll try to draw some analogy with the present situation(do let me know saras)/yes lincoln its a cruel world outside/and ashish brand loyalty is a passe people are in no mood now to compromise on quality it seem(so what u deliver is what u r known fer)

saras said...

you can find accelerated evolution after world war II. Market saw selling of weapons ..big fares on latest war equipment began. Not to forget marketting of space technology.
Analogy drawn= World war2 as ice age(world was reeling under depression) and when it was over we see new prducts flourishing in the market.

When nehru opted for closing the Indian Market , he asked Tatas to launch Lakme as our ladies found imported cosmetics very expensive.(Theory of survival of the fittest fails dramatically here as Lakme had complete monopoly in a closed economy)
Analogy drawn= Idea of natural selection is pronounced very well.

Later when Indian markets were opened Femina brought Miss India campaign and accelerated the sales of cosmetics in India by encouraging indian ladies to compete for beauty pageants as they crowned us with Miss world/Miss Universe.
Survival of the fittest is definitely a natural law but finds natuaral selection(political choice) as its governing law.