Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Dressing Room!

Fortunately or Unfortunately I couldn’t see the World Cup Final as I was travelling but I managed to experience the dressing room aura.. No of course not of players as they were busy playing but of our fellow audience gasped by the air of speculations for the World Cup winner.

Away from the stadium, big screens, TV or any other source to watch the match each one of my fellow traveler was cursing Railways for such a pathetic and underdeveloped services (Though I was travelling in Gareeb Rath).

Would like to quote some of their disgruntled dialogues

“Are yaar yey railway ko aaj toh kuch special karaana chaiyey tha!bengali me hi dikha dete match..”

Suddenly three of them got call at the same time..

“oho changa ji!bowling kar rahe hai?......saale srilanka toss kaise jeet gaye” “kya…awaaz nahi aa rahe ….kya?jeet gaye..are haan kon jeeta toss!” “Thank God we are bowling! India wins when they chase”

And the rest of us were just gazing them even after overhearing the conversation, wanted an assurance of what exactly is happening. So an announcement was made in the corridor that we lost the toss. Some of us started losing hope then and there only and some took it in a stride and continued with our discussions on National and International problems gripping India. After a span of 15 minutes somebody again got a call and got a score update. “Are yaar yey SriLanka toh accha khel rahe hai”

On this one old lady replied “Kya pata duniya kyun itni paagal hota hai matchoo per sab khareeda hua hota hai” Two of us nodded in unison and the journey continued.. “OHO Badiya rate toh kaboo me hai, aise he khelenge toh jeet jaaenge hum” “Meri taraf se sab ko chai agar aglee ball per wicket gira toh”

All of us knew nobody is getting tea for sure but still we waited for the next ball update. I was watching a movie on my laptop when an Uncle came to me and asked if he can see the match on this, I humbly said no as I don’t have a plugin. Disappointed uncle: Are…tum logo ko jarurat nahi padte kya net ke? Me: Uncle office me toh hota hai DU: Hann lekin travelling ke time per koi emergency aa gaye toh? Emergency..blah!I could feel his pain of being away from the screen. So I decided to keep mum.

Just when Sri Lankans were batting for the final five overs and Power Play had started “Are yey kya naya natak hai PowerPlay ka,pata nahi jee kya kya naye rules laaagu kar dete hai…Humare zaamane me toh aisa kuch nahi hota tha” “Mujhe lagta hai aaj Sachin ka shatak lagega..””Haan lagana he padega usko” “Kya Bharosa jee ?munch munch…..chai chai chai..bhaiya ek chai dena..chai chai chai..” “Uncle score kya hua” “Phone he laga raha hoon bête” “Mama chips mama chips mammmmmma chips”……”kitna…kitna…kitnaaaaaaaa 274/6 ohoo khatam ho gaya na ab toh…..” “Are… 274 hai score”…there was a moment of silence..Not that we dint believe in our team’s capability but the idea of loosing looked a little too much..

Second Innings: Munni badnaam huii…”Haan Bol Sachin aa gaya…” everybody roared with claps and hope… “Kya ……kya Shewag OUT..” “Maine toh kaha tha paise khaaye hai” So the excitement mellowed down a little..”Are Sachin hee jita sakta hai aaj toh or koi nahi..!” “SACHIN OUT” Trust me everybody had lost hope for a second. “Haar gaye hum”..”Hum haar gaye jee” “Kuch nahi rakha hai is khel me ab” “Ab toh Yuvraj he baccha sakta hai” So everybody got back to their seats and thought of taking a nap instead. I took mine Munni badnaam hui….munni badnaam hui..”Haan bol Gambhir ke 97….badiya badiya..yehi ek khilaadi accha hai..” “maine toh pehle he kahaa tha sab paisa khaate hai” “Maine 2 laks laagaye he jee aaj ke match me” munch..munch..slurppppppppp “Tension se sir kharab ho raha hai”..”haan aaj toh kharaboo lage hai jee” But then supposedly we got back in game again and there was an atmosphere of hope jubiliation and tea bets again. Finally when we reached a situation where 7 was required of 11 balls people wanted to just get out of the train and dance infact some of us sported to celebrate then and there only with a cell phone playing and a Sardaar uncle dancing to its tune…. “HUM JEET GAYEEEEEEE…..”

Entire boggie was up and celebrating the win, phones ringing incessantly for once I got scared as I was worried some of us might jump out of the moving train in the moment of this utmost madness but fortunately we reached Ahmedabad ..everyone got down had tea at the station with Famous groundnuts and OMG what a feeling it was. Random people hugging each other, crying, screaming and just happy.. Somebody lost their bets some won but nevertheless everyone was happy and proud to be the part of this win.

I had heard quite many times this game has a huge impact on Indians for the first time I felt it... BRAVO…

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