Saturday, March 26, 2011


Happened to be a part of very intriguing conversation with a friend, where I was asked to define mantra of my life. Considering it as one of those clichéd philosophical discussions where I’ll have to put everything I think or believe in under a scanner and give him a concise answer I ignored the question and changed my chat status from Available to Invisible.(of course net disconnect was my obvious refuge) But the question unfortunately again got stuck in my ever restless mind (which my other set of friends consider nothing but effect of trivial job I keep looking for unlike their big MNCs ones) So left with no choice but to think, these are the few things that popped in my mind.. 1. To learn (Bullshit! that can’t be my mantra, of course I do want to learn a lot many things but m not doing stuff JUST to learn) 2. To experiment (Yes, that’s thrilling to hear but would I be experimenting at the same rate the way I do now, considering the loads amount of desired and undesired responsibilities age brings with it ) 3. To help (Damn! Who cares after a point? And this comes after I had made an unsuccessful attempt to help some NGOs with my business insights(however little I have currently) ) 4. To create (Yes, that’s something I really enjoy but Gosh everything I think of is already there and has been created, is recreating the created ones going to count) 5. To earn (Yes for now it does give a sense of confidence and happiness but is that it is that what I want...) 6. To lead (I won’t mind if I manage to do something that somebody would like to follow me, considering it can’t happen overnight and it will come unless I shake my comfort zone every now and then and prove my worth) To travel, To Read, To Run (not literally of course)...I happened to think about a lot of other things but nothing seemed satisfactory and hence I left the thought process then and there. I think like everything else mantra for life also evolves with time .One shouldn’t stop keeping a check on the choices which one makes from time to time and feel sad, happy or contended about. For now I shortlisted Learn to Create as my mantra let’s see how long does it lasts for.

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