Friday, April 15, 2011


Assumptions I believe have an immense power to lead you to a disillusioned life. Most of the times we thrive, fight and struggle to live our assumptions coz they appear to be in sync with our goals or desires but one stroke of reality can smash them to pieces.

Question is till when we can afford to vie for these assumptions coz the wait period to see them turn into reality is a very tenacious process with an undefined life cycle. Everything can’t be confirmed from day one and hence we tend to live with a set of self-defined conviction rules to take our assumptions forth, but there has to be some amount of clear checkpoints also along the course to testify the realism of our assumptions.

Now the bigger  question is are we disciplined enough and ready yet to accept those checkpoints which might direct us to stop the chase or are we happy to live a disillusioned life till we face bigger disappointments and realize we are already out of time!


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