Monday, August 30, 2010


Spontaneity is supposedly a sign of an active and impulsive mind where the mind doesn’t allow thinking but act.
Thinking about the possible outcomes and then acting judiciously, consciously is one way of dealing with things and the other way is to just let things take its course.
Which is a better option to go for?
Spontaneity obviously involves greater risk and uncertainty whereas weighing the pros and cons of your actions and then acting is a safer option at least you save yourself from obvious blunders.
We have been programmed to think and then act wisely right from our childhood.
1. Follow your time table and study! (And of course most of us managed to score decent marks)
2. Follow the trend and opt for subjects! (And hence most of us opted for what others were going for)
3. Follow the companies and apply for the best one.
Crux: Follow the safest path and make sure you don’t make mistakes. Invest time in thinking and then join the race. Make sure somebody has already taken that path and it sure has greater possibility of taking you to your coveted destination.
Spontaneity: Follow your heart and just do it! Take a leap of faith in yourself and go for it. Feel that rush. Allow yourself to commit mistakes and if things go wrong feel Bad for it. Negative feelings are just overhyped don’t worry! Invest time in doing and if you don’t reach your destination at least you will know you can start on your own as well and don’t need to always follow others.
Sometimes Spontaneity is good! :-)


Anonymous said...

I partially agree. Sometimes logical conclusion won't satisfy you because you wanted something else from your heart.Also, following the rat race is something that won't lead anywhere. Being spontaneous doesn't imply that you do something quirky.

kirti agarwal said...

yea thts exactly my point.Even if we want something else from our heart we tend to take the other way instead.
So, even if we follow the best of the options our heart yearns to make mistakes and try the untreaden.
Following rat race sure doesnt lead to anywhere but many of us still do it may be as I have mentioned in my earlier posts to travesre the widely accepted and followed way.
Of course spontaneity doesnt always imply quirkish behaviour and my intention was to not to prove that also what i wanted to say here is spontaneity is the least influenced behaviour where you do things just coz u want to do them!And hence we shd not shy away from taking it..

Ashish Tickoo said...

Our actions are not governed by logical thinking,it is simply an inherent fear of failure,if we can overcome that,spontaneity is more or less achieved..and the glass is always greener on the other side ;)

Ashish Tickoo said...

grass* :P

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Leap of faith! I will keep that in mind in all my broad daylights!