Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are choices good!

Just when you have decided on one thing the prospect of other options overpowers your logical sense and leaves you bemused. Sometimes, I wonder had their been no choices available Life would have been much simpler and we would have achieved a lot more then what we end up getting now.
Most of our times these days go into deciding what we want (which itself is the most difficult question to answer) and which option to choose from. The whole exercise of analyzing (sometime) and deciding (no other option) leaves us with no energy to proceed further and hence we blame it on the chosen option.
Sometimes, I wonder these choices instead of making us strong have made us weak and vulnerable. We tend to question our decision every now and then and hence the need of somebody approving our decision becomes indispensible (after all we do seek approval and assurance), no wonder every body is trying to do and compete over the same thing( crowd approves of the decision)
And, probably that is why we have so many helplines→consultants→pshyciatrists mushrooming suddenly.

But On the brighter side of it no other way would have helped to inculcate managerial skills in us in a better way. It doesn’t matter which option you choose or what approval/assurance you seek as long as you are getting the results (again result is relative/u define results as what everybody else thinks the result should be). There is no good or bad way of doing things in management there is only two definitions which works here pass or fail.
So it doesn’t matter even if you have chosen the wisest of path but if u still couldn’t get results you have made a BAD decision.
So, the point here is choices are just illusion we still are following the same rules and we still know what we are going to decide(safe and approved) it’s just the gestation which has widened.

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Udit said...

Choices are half chances, thats all!!! But a nice comment about seeking approval for that sense of achievement...sometimes you got what you really want but in absence of approval of your friends you don't actually value it