Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Earlier the day was important coz it meant yummy ladoos from school the only hurdle was to get up early and dress tidily even on the Day when elder siblings were still sleeping and enjoying their college/work holiday.
Then eventually it promised lot of dance, drama and cultural event practice in school (teachers made it compulsory for junior students and we loved it!) as it meant officially bunking so many boring classes for nothing but practice, cramming patriotic dialogues of Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi . Glorifying their heroic deeds and the mettle. Independence Day was such a fun day with colorful dresses and tricolors!
Then we came to college and omg Independence Day meant no attendance, lectures and more time to hang out with friends, and now again when we are working Independence Day is like a boon to the Monday-Friday 8-7 life, only if it doesn’t fall on a weekend. That feels like such a waste... (Which it is this time!)

Neways, the point is quite LITERALLY we do celebrate Independence Day every year, freedom from our daily job /routine and rules and to live this day as per our wishes and probably we will continue to do so irrespective of the fact that this day is so much more than that.(which some of us realise and many of us dont)
This year also I expected to feel the same but just then my heart sank in to read about the huge corruption scam lingering CWG ,speculated terror attack on India, tribal girl raped in front of villagers,
Turmoil in Kashmir, Politicians fighting over naxals!
And I shivered is India actually free?

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Ashish Tickoo said...

Read this,it's Nehru's speech from the 1st Independence Day,apart from the year changing,every bit is as true