Thursday, July 23, 2009


Power of opinion!

The Art/Skill to form Opinion! To me is the highest academic degree one need to achieve to differentiate oneself from the multitude of demonstrated knowledge seeker. It takes much more pain and hard work to form an opinion then to blindly follow dossier verified by eminent personalities. The former is a challenge and the latter a submission. There’s no risk involved in following the proven and verified stigmas, no excitement, no challenge and no madness. With the dawn of networking I see a very thin line between visible world and intelligible world these days. To make it a bit more clear I would like to put it as, visible world comprises of high earning and reputed technocrats who knows the art to gulp down things as quickly as possible ‘coz they know they are on a RUN (Run from their own self which sometime we tend to take pride in) and the latter category includes people who don’t believe in gulping down things but are very fond of chewing it slowly and steadily to get what it is supposed to deliver i.e. NUTRIENT for mind.

Knowledge for them is not the goal but simply a means to reach to their goal of confronting the limitations of the same. Opinion has no sound basis but have the profundity of persuasiveness; it’s an upshot of an active mind. It nurtures the art of astute vision.

So, dare to dream and voice it out, no matter how bizarre it is, it will help to give a jolt to those somnolent nerves resting under the blanket of knowledge and will make ones presence felt!!!

Lets start this practice with the same blog you are reading..voice it out how crazy/good/insane/stupid this blog is.:)


ithinkthereforeiam said...

definitely you have the power to communicate... which is a step ahead of opinion.

in case your intention was to increase the number of comments here/popularise this or something, the article was not provocative enough.

i think you should put in a few anecdotes and quote some diverse opinions as a sequel. the result will be furious...

essentially speaking, the spark that you generate is really commendable, but as an author, try to sustain it for a long time. you will be able to understand what fire is - both in you as well as the others. and in turn your opinion of the world will just get better.

kirti agarwal said...

Thanx for ur OPINION! no i don intend to score comments here!infact i intend to make it easy for people whom do i want to comment on my articles..which i believe will give me quality and not quantity

the blogger said...

chirag from iweekend/ahmedabad

hope this wd b useful

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