Monday, July 13, 2009

Equivocality vs. Ambiguity

Equivocality vs. Ambiguity

The former is said to be an art, tact, a skill and the latter a weakness, but my mind perceives it the other way round. Equivocality means you use your skills to avoid buying trouble for yourself and satiate both the warring sides with your indispensable support (you can imagine how lame it sounds ‘coz you don’t even know if you could support urself) and you eventually emerge out as a contented SOUL puffed up with shallow confidence to show to the world how good Manager you are!! But deep inside you know you just managed to bluff yourself and redefined indecisiveness in a more socially accepted expression, on the other hand ambiguity is that doubt in your mind which propels you to think ‘coz you don’t have the tact to buy time for yourselves it’s like a “DO or Die “ situation for you, people know about your crudeness and that is why you need to work on it.

So, tell me who’s at winning side the equivocalist or an ambiguous person. The crux of the matter is lets not be myopic and dichotomic in our approach to tackle life, learning is a part of growing, very cliché but rightly said after all winners also got the rules learned from the same society they just excelled in gauging and implementing the right ones. Learn to take a stand and be brave to accept and work on your weakness.

P.S. Arun now the following article is for you

· Madoff sentenced to 150 yrs imprisonment

The tact costed him his life and the society that applauded his skill first was the one who suffered most from it. So, who’s at fault here the society or Madoff! Both faced their share of penalty I guess. Now for the ones, who haven’t got it yet, Madoff falls into the category of being a consummate equivocalist and the society falls into the category of ambiguists. Both of them fell prey to each other and hence clogged the learning process. The business world is particularly vulnerable to this predicament, ‘coz fates are these days run by volatile bull and bears giving little time to THINK.

· E Sreedharan resigns as DMRC chief


· Gammon plunges over 17 pct on Metro mishap

"The committee is investigating into the cause. Let the committee come out with a report and then we will comment," Gammon India's vice president, R.L. Telang said over the telephone.

For the readers:


He’s an Indian technocrat, known for completing both the Konkan railway and Delhi Metro project ahead of schedule. He has served as a managing director of Delhi Metro since its inception

Gammon India:

Gammon India is the largest civil engineering construction company in India

You decide who is who in this case.


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I doubt if "Equivocality" is a word. It looks disturbing to see it in the title!

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lemme help you to clear your doubts

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