Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ever made a silent conversation?
Sounds a bit amusing but this conversation holds great power I believe.
It’s an experience in itself.
People come and people go, they make talks to show Who they are and what they can do, how did they reach here and where do they finally intend to go but ever felt the pleasure of not talking and yet knowing a person. What makes an individual is a question I seek answers to through this blog.
Is it his work, is it his visibility in the social framework or is it just him.
Does the face have so much relevance as the value attached to it? What if I don’t have any face, what if I failed to reach those milestones which otherwise anybody of my age would have easily reached and what if I am striving hard to keep myself away from that ease defined yet common life?
I believe Talking is just a way to sell. But what if you are not on sale/display.
Will you be able to sustain yourself on your own for the lifetime?
This elucidated definition of talking was just to give an insight into what does a normal conversation will do, that’s it will either help you to sell or buy something.
On the other hand silent conversation has nothing to offer but is always demanding.
This talk is the most selfish pitch an individual makes with a partner wherein he has nothing else to offer but himself. (No education/no attractive job profile/No hefty bank balance…NOTHING)


aastha said...

silence is golden....and only some people appreciate this..and those people understand that eventhough we don't have anything to say..we are present there..with our own feelings and thoughts!

nikhil gupta said...

you really mean a lot when you are sitting silently with someone who understands your silence.

ithinkthereforeiam said...

* silence is golden

abhisek98 said...

bahut bhari hai! aur grammar mistakes bhi bahut hai.

kirti agarwal said...

kindly let me know where did i go wrong, so that next time wen u visit my blogs u can talk about the content more..

pranava said...

Your thoughts are emanating radiance of a thirsty soul with a tryst for reaching a higher level of maturity.

Dev said...

rahul here.. very well written lines, there was a paragh in the beginning that almost rhymes.. it is said that the greatest friends are those who do not feel awkward in moments of silence!

R@DeN said...

Interesting. You talking about silence. LoL!

P.S. Well written though!