Friday, February 18, 2011


"They live for love, die for love, kill

for love. It can be stronger than the drive to stay alive."


I wonder what is this drive and why is this so strong?What makes us go so loony over this.

Science says Dopamine(to give that adrenalin rush),serotonin( to bind) and caudate nuclei(for memory aka inertia), these three makes the feeling consuming. The process is initiated by  factors like (smell, taste…) leading to the insatiable desire for Good Genes and perfect nurturing Ground.(that’s how we are evolved)


This consious effort to rip off this obscured yet coveted practice was just to shed light on the powerful force behind it.

I cant deny the importance and indespensibilty of the NON-CHEMICAL factors involved after all they are the ones on our mind all the time and makes it more elusive.

But as I write this post many things seem to make sense to me like the importance and need of Reciprocity for the sustainability of a relationship(considering the chemical secretion involved) and also the NON-chemical factors involved which inherently leads to the same thing but again I still need to discover the reason behind the predominance of the latter.

I hate to define the entire process too mechanical but to accept it has some mechanics involved is not bad either. 


saras said...

By any chance , if you were in cicuit branch then try to believe that there is something called "Bandwidth."
Felt aghast ed after reading it.

kirti agarwal said...
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kirti agarwal said...

Just a factual piece