Sunday, April 8, 2012


Of all the posts I have written so far this one gave me real hard time to fall into place. Its a weird situation when it almost become impossible to find words for your post especially when till then you have seen times where words used to flow smoothly. The problem intrigued me to look for possible reasons for the same and here are the top possible reasons I came across.

1. Fear

Here are the set of my fears at this moment:

Fear of being dishonest.

Fear of being brutally honest.

2. Discouragement

Never ever did I encourage myself to write, writing changes my perspective for things, flushes my mind from gibberish and helps me to think straight. These are the few things that have been my set of motivation factors and I don’t think that has changed either.

3. Procrastination

On the contrary, I have all the time (those couple of hours I managed to get after the taxing wedding preparation)

4. No Idea

Full of ideas, all that I have always laughed at, questioned and enjoyed, I am living all of it lately. Welcoming new relationships, new responsibilities and all that come with it.

5. Loneliness

If loneliness is defined as the absence of appropriate company to talk to, to hang out with then I wonder what kind of intellectual outbreak my mind is looking for ‘coz honestly that has always been a tricky company to find and not very often I have had the privilege of bumping into one. So I still lie fumbling with various other reasons to cure this wordlessness.

This is my first attempt to break the inertia, do share your thoughts in case you too have been through such stage of stagnation would love to hear it from you.

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