Saturday, September 3, 2011


Thought of sharing couple of things I closely observed recently 1. Cooking awesome food sucks if you happen to be the only one eating it. 2. Dance no doubt is the best exercise to de stress yourself. 3. FRIENDS is still the best series to watch over and over again. 4. Chai with a stranger in rains still makes you feel happy. 5. You still find people getting emotional on a sad (teary) climax of a movie. 6. You still make a book shopping decision based on book colour and title. (offline mode) 7. Cracking a daily crossword all by yourself can definitely give you a good night sleep. 8. Gifts and surprises are the best thing to happen in gloomiest days. 9. Men enjoy gossip as much as women do. 10. An unexpected phone call from your first crush still gives you goose bumps. 11. Villagers will love you from all their heart if you happen to speak in their language. 12. People/Strangers you meet while you travel will always remain in your contact list, even if you switch your phones zillion times. (even though you will never ever make a call to them) 13. Nothing gives you more joy than watching your clean cupboard, after a strenuous cleaning expedition. Not to forget the sight and memories attached with your long lost beautiful clothes you rediscover. 14. Change is always good, more so if you don’t happen to see its result immediately. There are many more which I keep writing down in my mini diary, but it really feels nice to see and experience these things again and again. Feels human 

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