Sunday, July 3, 2011


My heart goes for Djokovic today! It was Wimbledon finals and what a performance, he pounced on each and every shot, played a killer.

While the TV cameras were focusing on his winning moment what really amused me was the sheer pleasure, joy and proud his folks had for him. I wondered why I don’t feel the same amount of joy even though I also ardently watched the entire match and prayed for his win. I could see the victory but couldn’t really feel it. The next obvious reasoning was the difference in the atmosphere (home vs ground) but that too dint suffice the curiosity.

 It wasn’t just really the win they were happy for, match was just a part of it, it was the entire journey of this guy till this win that was beaming in their eyes. Winning the trophy is no doubt is an achievement but having a close gang of people who can feel your win is also equally important. How short lived the joy would have been otherwise.

In midst of all the fanfare, glory and noise around true humility comes only with attentive patience and those who can achieve it are the ones who will always have a box full of people ready to FEEL the win as well.

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saras said...

He won against Nadal , when he was at the peak of his career. That certainly pleased me. Surely Brilliance.