Friday, May 20, 2011

Life beyond Internet

! Was surprised by the substantiation that Life without Internet and online world sucks sometimes! It creates such a vacuum and makes you wonder what else is up with you? Had no work today or rather I’ll put it as failed to create enough work today (Yea that’s what you do sometimes when you work in a startup and I wondered what else I could do to spend the rest of the day. Thought of going to some place but the addiction of getting everything just on a mouse click builds so much inertia that you end up just refreshing your FB page hoping that something nice will come up on its own right there. Calling up long lost friends also looks like a big exercise coz then you will have to start from scratch explaining your life till date to proceed further with any other conversation. That’s really taxing in your already bored state. And anyways phone conversations are the worst thing to kill your time with (even though refreshing FB page is lamer). Tried changing my chat status to “Bored” as well (yea that’s what generally we do in this virtual world of online presence, convey our state with status updates!) but somehow that too failed to kill my boredom. Reading a book...I am already tired of content otherwise, watching a movie really that screen again! I think I just miss those schooldays when your life was filled with so much of work even without Internet (yea I belong to pre-internet era :-)), those geography, history and science projects and that uncle scrooge addiction. Nancy Drew used to be my ultimate hero and the painting sessions a nightmare. Evenings with your girl friends and the constant fear of missing your evening games in the park if you failed to complete your homework on time. Mild flirts sometimes with a new guy (boy) in the gang and also teasing your best friend with the ugliest guy in the society. OK I sound Old now. I should stop. But in case you feel like writing do drop in couple of suggestions as to how you prefer to spend time NOW when bored! I might learn something good for me as well.

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n9986 said...

These days I enjoy going on drives, walks, etc, or calling up close friends and going to explore eat out places. I am trying very hard to get back to reading but just not possible it seems. I keep getting bored or distracted too fast. Also, one thing that helps is making things by myself. Pick a good DIY project to add a twist of your own and learn something along the way too. Sadly, to learn anything, I end up coming back on internet. :P

Also, this is plain weird, but I came upon this blog when I was randomly searching twitter for things to do without internet and I land up at a site by a person from my college. XD Internet is a small place.