Sunday, February 6, 2011


Many a times we wonder we should save ourselves from all these negative words or at least negatively perceived words so as to focus on the brighter side of a situation but I think in this practice of neglecting the negatives we tend to expect too much from the positives.

When we just try to focus on choosing the best ones we tend to miss out on learning more about rejection, which in itself is an amazing skill to work upon.

Rejecting something involves more honest assessment of our requirements and helps us to keep focused unlike choosing the best ones coz the latter is not just mostly influenced but is many a times  misleading as well.

To reject something is more likely to give us clarity on what exactly we want coz it not only removes the clutter  but also leaves us with may be not the best option available but the most appropriate one and hence can put away those unnecessary hiccups which otherwise is due to the misconception between what’s best and what’s apt.  

So strive to be appropriately best and not just THE BEST!

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Masoom said...

So True. Wonderfully articulated. ! I have a different opinion - Whenever we have a failure, it's important to have some self-inspection, learn from mistakes and then move on. It's important to see the positive side, but at the same time not go "blind" with a false hope.