Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Art Of Saying No

I wonder what is difficult to say “YES” or “NO”

Taking things as it comes is one way of living with YES but sifting through things and saying NO to the things which we think are not sustainable, wanted or may be doesn’t feel right is more difficult job to do.

The latter requires honest analysis of our needs and differentiates it from the wants.

So what you want now may not be needed for lifetime. Though these enticing wants have the tendency to overpower the rationality sometimes and appear as illusionary needs.

There are many features I believe are associated with a want...

Instant gratification (I want to Smoke...)
Ego (I want to show it to the World…)
Social Acceptance (I want to have/be the best…)
Uncertainty ( Most of the time they manage to fake Certainty and Security)
Whimsical (Nebulous in nature/they lack precision)
And when I try to evaluate Needs they have no such taboo attached to them. They are simple and are most of the time sustainable, sturdy (this is one characteristic I really liked about a Need, they have the capability to imbibe passion in us to achieve it) and precise.

So next time when/if you have this altercation in your head if you should pursue it or leave it...

Give it a little thought before you say... YES or NO

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Ashish Tickoo said...

true..we confuse our need with wants and end up chasing things we shouldn't and then hurting ourselves emotionally,financially etc.

Ex-Kingfisher is a need,corona is a want