Friday, November 12, 2010

Change Is Good

Sometimes the importance of change seems so indispensible coz when it doesn’t happen it brings one’s life to a standstill.
It is like a check which sometimes act as a tough teacher asking you to hold on to your believes and directs you to move on in life even though you would want to stick to your current state but it renders you helpless and introduces dynamism in the ecosystem which forcefully makes you to wake up from your pseudo slumber and shake your illusionary world.
Most of us find it difficult to take this lesson the easier way but some of us toil and take it on.
Even with those flimsy and shaken believes intentionally/unintentionally we rebound. There is nothing which can be done to stop it from doing its work. Just nothing…
So when next time if you are going through rough or not so welcoming CHANGE, stop, think and THANK GOD for blessing you with a tough teacher. The more you interact with it the more you get an option and a reason to learn about yourself.

Bad Change Is Good
And also
It is always easier said than Done..! :-)


Travellers diary said...

Another good one and a right one for me. Thanks

kirti agarwal said...

Glad u said that!

deepti said...

its true and very well said thts y people always learn frm their experiences and the changes they confront..!!