Monday, November 10, 2008

a BReak!

“C’mon! Gimme a break.
Yet again u keep on slogging and asking for a break. Whos going to come and give you those break, which you crave for every now and den.
By break I obviously don mean momentarily breaks but the break from monotonous race to beat others, to be always at the forefront. To be Ahead!
Is der any way where we can relax and do things, which we want to do unmindful of the results (productive or unproductive) it is going to bear in the end?
Not that anyone can stop us from pursuing it but the shear fear of the unproductiveness and futility of the whole job makes it sound relegate. There’s no time to waste and still so much of time to kill feigning its productiveness. The moment you think you have achieved what you’ve been working for, u realize others have already surpassed you and have left one more milestone to cover and the journey continues.
Someone is moving very fast, but whos this someone.
Is this race a real one or m I jus running alone. Trying to catch up with the never-ending desires of my mind, whos dictating my moves and ordering me to run. I wonder if we have different ambitions or each one of us is just trying to jus RUN.
Is being ambitious is to mean never giving up or rather I should put it as, never asking for a break. Is being ambitious always relative.
(Too many questions…I think I need a break here. Yes! I mean the momentary one )


Subtitle said...

This insatiable thirst of yours to be in the forefront is a good thing actually but then again, I suppose you're overlooking the fact that others might be surpassing you in something they're good at. So instead of trying to match them in their field, my opinion is that you should focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses. :)

Who knows? Others might be missing out on breaks to surpass you as well :)


tanuj solanki said...

this wont end...

if you keep writing on this theme you can write forever!